What is your favorite thing about your girlfriend?

She is one of those type of people that you only find once in you’re lifetime. The type of person you wish to reflect upon. The type you not only admire and cherish, but hope you one day will make a positive and lasting impression on them as they have left on you. The type that will go miles out of their way just to put a smile on your face. She is someone who has been left with scars from her past circumstances and background, but you would never know because not even she understands. She is the type of person who demonstrates and defines perseverance. The type that will take in every word your say with open minded thinking. The type that loves without boundaries and sparks a light in our own darkness. She is the type of person that expands the joy of life not only for herself but for yourself as well.
I couldn’t pick a favorite thing cause she is my favorite.



Put your headphones in and enjoy.

This 😍

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